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 Posted by on March 30, 2013

First let’s explain what ‘partner’ really means to our clients. Then we’ll explain what we consider a real ‘partner’. Then you can decide if our way of partnering is a benefit to you or not.

Our clients expect the very highest ideals from us. They expect honesty, integrity and that we don’t speak “above them”. That we collaborate with them and not dictate a one size fits all solution. In other words, our clients want regular folks with the vast knowledge and years of experience that leads to wisdom. Our clients want to know that they are part of the solution and not just a another ‘customer’.

Our ‘partners’ will work with us like a family. Our partners care for us as we care for them. Partners point out inefficiencies in each others businesses. Partners help each other without the mentality of always looking for “what’s in it for me”.

Partnerships are like two people (companies) who get together, associate with each other, learn all that they need to know about the other and eventually, one proposes a merging of sorts. Suffice to say that ‘partners’ are really very much like a marriage. Both give 100% to the partnership without asking for something in return. This is the ideal way a marriage should work.

We take partnering very serious and look at it as a permanent relationship. Not one that leads to divorce or some separation over unresolved issues. This is obviously hard to do and takes ‘work’ from all parties involved. We have very few people we can truly call ‘partners’. The rest of the associates we work with are engaged with us for a long trial period to be sure that ‘partners’ is what we really want to be to each other.  The short list below are those that we truly believe in as our partners.

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